Working Holiday 101

Work? On a holiday? In a country I’ve never visited? How do I get a visa? Is this legal? Is getting a working permit expensive? This is probably way too complicated for me. What the hell is a working holiday anyway?!

Before I began my extended travels, the concept of a Working Holiday had never fully resonated with me. I had heard of WWOOF-ing in passing, but didn’t know much about it. I assumed working abroad on holiday was reserved for “a friend of a friend of a friend” in possession of a dual citizenship and dreadlocks. I didn’t even own anything made of hemp.

Now, two working holidays later I am still sans dreads (you’re welcome, Mom!) and can confidently tell you that the entire process is incredibly simple and extremely gratifying. From teaching English in Colombia to picking rice in Thailand, the entire process is straightforward, relatively quick and simple, affordable, and extremely customizable to your interests, timeline, age, and abilities.

In my Working Holiday 101 articles, I will be sharing the most popular options available for finding working holiday opportunities, showing you how to find your best fit, and shedding light on other FAQs about Working Holidays.

If you are interested in a working holiday, read on; if you know someone who might be curious, pass this along!

Working Holiday 101: HelpX, WorkAway and WWOOF

If all of these names sound like Greek to you, give me a minute of your time. You might even decide that one of them is right for you, which will forever change the way you travel.

Working Holiday 101: Australian Work-Travel Visa & Resources

Heading down under? Not doing so well in the ole cash department? Maybe you want to hang in Aus for more than the 90 days offered by the regular tourist visa. Check out my Australian Work-Travel Visa & Resources article.

Working Holiday 101: New Zealand Work-Travel Visa & Resources

Like the previous Work & Travel article, this page covers visa application and job seeking resources for those considering employment. Only difference – this one covers those details for travelers considering New Zealand.

Working Holiday 101: My Experiences in Portugal and Ireland

Want to know where I worked and how it worked out (see what I did there…)? Check out why I love working holidays and what I think these exchanges can offer your travels, regardless of your budget, age, time availability, or interests.

Working Holiday 101: TEFL Certificates & Teaching English Abroad

I originally thought I would teach English in South East Asia when I left home in 2013. Plans changed, but I did complete at TEFL Program in Thailand and receiving my TEFL Certificate, as well as teach some classes. Check out my experience and see if it’s a good fit for you!

If I could highly recommend one resource for learning about the options and opportunities around budget travel and working abroad, then it would be this TEDx Talk by Tomislav Perk given in Hamburg, Germany last November. Although it is titled ‘How to Travel the World with Almost No Money‘ he covers many different aspects of long-term travel. If you have a few minutes, it is absolutely worth your time!

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