Budget Travel 101

Budget Travel 101

Let’s all agree – no one wants to spend more money than they need to, especially when traveling. Most of the major expenses associated with traveling can be lumped into one of the following three categories:

Transportation, Accommodation, and Food/Drink.

Although expenses such as museum entrance fees and souvenirs aren’t to be overlooked when budgeting, they certainly do not (or rather, should not…) dominate your travel budget. Additionally, for each of these categories there is a wide range of options available depending on your personal preferences.

Below, I have shared helpful resources, time-tested tips and personal suggestions for stretching your money when it comes to pre-planning and enjoying your travels on a budget.

Budget Travel 101: Transportation

Arguably the important category for saving a bundle, transportation costs play a huge role in impacting travel budgets. From bargain flights to hitchhiking, I hope by sharing my tips and perspective that you may rethink your next travel transportation arrangement and save your dough for more interesting things.

In my Budget Travel: Transportation article, I’ve included my favorite websites and tips for finding great deals on getting from Point A to Point B.

Budget Travel 101: Accommodation

Do you require your own room each night or are you comfortable sleeping on a night bus? Are you fussy when it comes to wifi-connection or shared bathrooms? Do you carry your own tent in your backpack? 

Personally, I’m a hostel lover. I do not see the value in spending the usually high rates for my own room at a hotel, yet I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a tent in a public space as a solo female traveler – at least, not yet.

Hostels are my jam. In my experience and opinion, they are also a solo travelers dream – a fully stocked kitchen to make food, common areas to meet other travelers, and lots of budget activity options at most front desks. What else could you ask for?

In my Hostel Lover article, I highlight the positive experiences I’ve had with staying in and working at hostels, which will hopefully reinforce your choice or challenge you to consider it for future travel!

Budget Travel 101: Food & Drink

There’s not much to this one – when you’re traveling, you have to spend money on food and drinks. The trick is minimizing that expense.

Will eat noodles to splurge on fresh hot cross buns! Pope Joan Cafe, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

I didn’t write an article or post about this because it’s so straightforward – go to the nearest grocery store and make your own food for at least two of the three meals each day. By doing that, you cut back on eating unhealthily and overspending in this category. I prefer making my own food and then splurging on local cuisine once I learn about the best local spots from fellow travelers or locals.

Volunteering at the GABS beer fest for free tickets in Melbourne, Australia, 2016

The same follows for drink, though it is a much more difficult category to save on in my opinion. You can eat all the noodles you want in your room, but drinking alone to save a buck seems depressing, am I right?

Roar! Beer pints in Helsinki, Finland, 2015

A good option for maximising the return on your investment, and hopefully meeting new people, could be joining a local pub crawl or checking out local happy hours online.

Tequila and mezcal tasting in Mexico, 2016


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