Travel 101 Guides

Travel 101 Guides

I want to help you make the most of your travels – however long the duration, whatever budget you have planned, whichever region you choose.

On this page I have included personal tips, my unsolicited suggestions, helpful resources and links, and best practices that I have used and tweaked during my years of solo traveling.

With these pages, I hope to alleviate your stress during travel preparation and pre-planning, offer you potentially unexplored, non-traditional transport options, and show you how to go farther and spend less money during your travels.

My Travel 101 Guides

Budget Travel 101: My Guide to Cheap Transportation, Accommodation, Food & Drink

Looking to travel for an extended period of time? Maybe you’re just hoping to stretch each dollar (or euro or baht or pound…) that you spend. Check out my Budget Transport, Accommodation, Food & Drink tips and suggestions for making the most of your holiday while ensuring you don’t break the bank.

Working Holiday 101

Falling in line with Budget Travel, Working Holidays are incredible ways to enrich your travel experience while minimizing expenditures on such things as food and accommodations. Check out resources and my personal experiences on the subject.

Backpack Packing 101

Why is it that weekend getaway bags look more like you’re moving across the world and bags for extended travel always seem to include high heels? Ugh!

Packing for a trip – however long – can be a real headache. Check out My Packing List for my list, suggestions, and tips for lessening your packing worries and increasing your experience on the road.

My Travel Favorites

My Favorite Smart Phone Travel Apps

With all of the technology available to us, traveling has never been easier. Make the most of your holiday, avoid unnecessary headaches, and share your experience with friends on-the-go by downloading these awesome travel apps before you leave.

My Additional Resource Articles

5 Ways to Avoid Travel Headaches

Does your bank know you’re traveling? If you lose your wallet, do you have the information you need?

Check out this article for my collection of travel hacks to be used before you leave home to avoid unnecessary drama and headaches while enjoying your holiday.