Meet Melbourne! Love, The Internet

Meet Melbourne! Love, The Internet

Everyone wants to find good deals and positive, authentic experiences when traveling. Moving to Melbourne in 2015 was no different for me. I didn’t want to waste my time or money at cafes, bars, shops and restaurants that weren’t the best of the best.

Now, a very delicious year later, I can safely say that I’ve been able to scrape the surface of this magnificent city’s endless food and drink scene – all thanks to friends I’ve met and social media accounts I’ve been introduced to during my time here.

Visiting Etihad Stadium for a pre-season AFL game, 2016

Melbourne Cup Day, 2015

I’ve found the listed guides and sites completely lifesaving and incredibly informative. I’m rarely misled with their suggestions and deals, and being a recipient of their weekly and monthly newsletters and daily account updates has broadened my horizons for exploring this incredible city, making every dollar I spend completely worthwhile.

If you’re coming to Melbourne to visit or moving here to live, I’d highly recommend checking these sites out and consider following along with their updates to give yourself the incredible advantage of an insider’s perspective!

Websites & Newsletters

The Urban List

One of my most trusted sites for exploring, The Urban List claims that they are “The leading go-to guide for everything worth tasting, trying, booking and buying in Melbourne,” and I’d have to whole heartedly agree!

TimeOut: Melbourne

Similar to TimeOut varieties available in 36 cities around the globe, this feed offers endless things to get out and do wherever you find yourself.

From upcoming festivals, gigs, unique holidays, and more, this list has opened my eyes to events in my neighborhood I would have otherwise missed, such as the unique and entertaining Chinese Easter Festival in Bendigo, Victoria outside of Melbourne.

Concrete Playground

CP boasts the ‘best of the best’ for Melbourne in all things food and beverage, music, style, travel, and more. Their endless reviews are honest and thorough, and I am constantly scratching my head at why I haven’t tried to get a job with them! The website is stunning and easy to navigate, and it makes a great place for brainstorming a weekend away or picking the perfect drinks spot to meet up with friends.

I would recommend signing up for each of the newsletters, as well as following them on Facebook and Instagram, then decide which ones are delivering news and deals that fit your timeline, interests, and budget!

Painting of Melbourne in State Library of Victoria, 2015

Deal & Discount Websites


Before arriving to Melbourne, I had not heard of this Australia-Groupon site. Through creating a profile and signing up for a personalized monthly newsletter, I found deals and discounts for local events for when friends and family came to visit. After a few months of being constantly bombarded, I opted out of the automatic emails, but still give it a search now and then if I’m looking for local discounts.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour, found through Scoopon, 2015

Groupon Melbourne

Straightforward – Groupon is Groupon, regardless of your country. The deals I’ve found on Scoopon (see above) seemed to be a bit more affordable, but it’s always good to shop around.


Oh, Gumtree, how I love thee. This Australian Craig’s List is absolutely invaluable. For shorter term travelers, it may not make a lot of sense to include it here, but I’ve found it to be a helpful resource in all things Melbourne – and Australian. I bought my cruiser bicycle and my mattress on this site (both for next to nothing!) and have searched for second hand festival tickets and roommates on here. Happy hunting!

Melbourne CBD behind the Yarra River, 2015

Melbourne is absolutely my favorite city on earth, I think that’s clear if you  know me. Upon my arrival in late 2015, I was able to connect with its amazing, authentic vibe quicker than I expected thanks to these awesome websites and social media accounts, and I’d offer them as a jumping off point for anyone hoping to visit or move here in the future!