Kiwi Days

Kiwi Days

Kia Ora! Hello and welcome to the newest chapter in my international travels. I am so excited to announce I’ll be moving to Auckland, New Zealand in January 2017.

I can’t wait to explore this stunning country and to experience life – for at least one year – as a Kiwi, which is the name given to New Zealanders derived from their national symbol, the flightless kiwi bird. I hope I get to meet one of these little guys at some point (check out my Kiwi Bucket List here), and felt the title Kiwi Days was only fitting for this next chapter!

Similar to my year in Australia, I will be moving to New Zealand on a one year work and holiday visa, which was granted to me in March 2016. Similar to the Australian work and holiday (temporary) visa, this visa allows for US citizens under the age of 30 to work and travel in New Zealand for up to one year.

With this visa, I am planning – actually hoping – to continue to work in the hospitality industry and continue My Adventures in Food. Stay tuned to see how that goes…

Though I’ve never stepped foot in the country, I am excited to explore both the North and South Islands of New Zealand during my time there.

During January 2017, I teamed up with my boyfriend, Kevin, and his sister, Stephanie, to explore and experience as much as we could on both the North and South Islands in an epic, whirlwind tour of this awesome country. You can find our itinerary here, and as always, check out our travels on Instagram.

Here are a handful of highlights from that great adventure:


Per my habit for extended travel in a singular country, I will be creating and updating My Kiwi Bucket List before, after, and during my first few weeks I arrive there – any suggestions are more than welcome!

As always, thanks for following along and happy travels!

Keep up with my Kiwi Days posts here and don’t forget to check back in the next few weeks for list updates and new posts!