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DSCN0988I have always loved traveling. With every holiday I took or study abroad that I participated in, my passion for exploring new cultures, visiting unfamiliar regions, and experiencing life abroad only grew.

At university, I studied International Affairs & Modern Languages (Spanish). During that time I studied abroad in Monterrey, Mexico and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I know my Spanish is hiding somewhere in my brain, but don’t expect me to shamelessly converse until I’ve had a cerveza or two…

Upon graduation, I began working in an industry completely unrelated to my degree, and though my job was ideal by most standards, I was itching with the travel bug. At the end of 2013 at the age of 25, I decided to follow my passion for travel and see where it took me.  I quit my corporate job, sold my car, packed my backpack, and headed off to explore life on the road.

RSCN0882When visiting a new place, I love grabbing my camera and wandering aimlessly to see who and what I can find. My favorite spots are consistently city parks and urban green spaces, art and history museums, and any venue with live music and good beer. Or, let’s be honest, good music and any beer.

I am shamelessly addicted to hostels, spicy food of any variety, reading, free walking tours, and coffee in the morning.  Although coffee is the only one necessary for my daily functioning, I would consider a day filled with all four entirely perfect.

I am always down for a new adventure and up for a night out. I’ll do just about anything if I’m even slightly convinced it won’t be the end of me. That being said, I’ve had more than a few misadventures on my travels which I hope you find comically outrageous and entertaining, not entirely stupid which the choices may well have been…

As of this writing, I would say my general goals are to explore the world until I’m utterly exhausted or until I stumble upon the perfect location to open a hostel or bed and breakfast. Ask me in a month and my response may be completely different, but that’s the fun of life, right?

image1Initially, this blog was created to keep family and friends up-to-date with my travels and to reassure my mother that I was alive.  In the process, I have realized my love of writing and desire to shed light on traveling as a solo female traveler for those considering the choice for themselves.  

Most recently, I have compiled information and created pages based on frequent questions I receive and unsolicited advice I have for fellow travelers, specifically solo females, based on the places I’ve lived and visited over the years.

I hope by sharing my usually positive experience of life on the road as a solo female traveler, I will be able to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and explore our amazing world.

Thanks for stopping by & happy travels!

Nikki, The Globetrotting Ginger

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